CECC Organization

The Coventry Early Childhood Center, Inc. (CECC) is made up of a private preschool, early intervention services through the Coventry Board of Education, and the Readiness Program for the town of Coventry.

The governing body consists of the Early Childhood Executive Committee (ECEC) which is comprised of the Board of Directors including the President, Vice President and Secretary. These Board members are a self-perpetuating board of parent volunteers and serve a term of at least two years. The Board of Directors serve as officers of the CECC and their purpose is to maintain the integrity and foundation of the preschool organization.

Other members who are permanent employees of either the Board of Education or the CECC consist of the CGS Principal and the Special Education Coordinator from the Coventry Board of Education and the CECC Business Manager.

All policies and procedures are developed collaborating with all members of the committee and meetings are held on a monthly basis to execute an action plan throughout the year.


Early Childhood Executive Committee (ECEC)

Preschool Coordinator Principal, CGS Early Education Coordinator Business Manager  Board of Directors
Dr. Lois Hasty Marybeth Moyer Jill Miner Elizabeth Murphy Jodi Curtiss
Michelle Johnson

Early Childhood Executive Committee (ECEC)

The Early Childhood Executive Committee (ECEC) will serve as the governing body of the CECC. The ECEC purpose is to direct and manage all aspects of the preschool operations.  This entity will ultimately oversee any subordinate committees. Members consist of:

  • Preschool Coordinator
  • CGS Principal
  • Early Education Coordinator
  • Business Manager
  • Self Perpetuating Board of Directors

Self Perpetuating Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors will serve as officers of the Coventry Early Childhood Center, Inc. The BOD’s purpose is to maintain the integrity and foundation of the preschool organization. This entity will also oversee the Fundraising and Events Committee (FEC). Members consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Fundraising and Events Committee (FEC)

The FEC will coordinate and execute all fundraisers and events for CECC.  The FEC will be guided by the Board of Directors and will serve as liaison to parent volunteers. Members consist of:

  • Chairperson
  • Parent volunteers


Preschool Coordinator Lois Hasty
Early Education Coordinator Jill Miner
Business Manager Liz Murphy
Teachers Cherise Buckley
  Cheryl Villano
  Samantha Locke
  Sherri DePersia
Pam Pestretto
  Lisa Decker
  Tina Savluk
 ABA Teacher Stephanie Perez
 Para Educators Darcy Constantino
  Kathy LeGrand
  Janice Litwinas
  Amanda Hawkins
  Lisa Silva
  Paula Blood
  Julie Klimkiewicz
Diane Kuzmeski
Barbara Zuraw
  Marissa Topliff
  Michelle Niesyn
Speech Pathologist Dawn Murphy
Occupational Therapist Michelle Craddock
Physical Therapist Linda Tomaszewski