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Parent Forms

Parent Forms

This form requires your completion.
  • The following need to be filled out prior to your child(ren) entering school.

    If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at 860-742-5859 or email at
  • Preliminary Assessment of Dominant Language

    CT State Law requires that each school district conduct a preliminary assessment of dominant language of each student in its public schools. This assessment is made in order to ascertain the need to provide a required bilingual education program for students who are limited English proficient. Please complete the information below:
  • Photograph/Video Permission

    The staff periodically photographs/vidoes the children engaged in school activities, which are used for curriculum, open house, and/or are used in craft activities that come home to families. They are NOT posted on the internet or any other media publication.
  • Parent Authorization for Student File Access

  • Preschool Screen

    As part of our Child Assessment process, we offer all children at CECC a preschool screen. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about your child's development. During these important years of growth, continued progress in the areas of large and fine muscle control, thinking skills, speech and language, as well as, adequate vision and hearing, is essential to ensure success in future academic skills.
  • Parent Authorization for Child Profile to Kindergarten

    The Child Profile is a picture of the child's current developmental level and is shared with families three times per year.
    At CECC, basic rules for the health and safety of the children are followed and, as such, the environment is arranged to avoid problem-causing situations. Our program's expectations for behavior are consistent with developmentally appropriate practices issued by NAEYC, including building a school community that values considerate, respectful, and tolerant attitudes towards all families at the school. Staff members model and encourage skills that allow each child to develop a sense of control and autonomy, identify feelings, problem solve, and find their own rewards in cooperative social behavior. Classroom learning activities stress the importance of friendships, caring, sharing, and celebrating differences in others. Immediate intervention would take place if a child in our care ever became harmful to himself, another child and/or destructive to property. Staff members are trained to respond to a variety of situations using best practices, such as establishing clear and consistent expectations, offering choices, redirecting activity, pointing out natural or logical consequences of different behaviors, and scaffolding problem solving. A child would be removed from a situation until he is ready to rejoin the group or activity. Positive reinforcement is always used to encourage positive behavior. A child is never subjected to cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, verbal abuse, denied food or forced food as a form of punishment, punished for wetting, soiling, or not using the toilet. On an as needed basis, staff members collaborate with families, support staff, and/or other professional resources to identify, resolve, and develop behavior management plans. Family conferences are held to review and evaluate plans. A referral to special education and/or related services may be made. CECC will collaborate with related service professionals to ensure positive student outcomes.
  • Parent Authorization for Allergy Posting (if applicable)

  • School Readiness Snack

    Snack is available through the Coventry Public School Food Services Department for the School Readiness Program.
  • Tuition Agreement

    Tuition will be paid in FOUR installments. They are due on July 15, October 15, January 15 and April 15 of the enrolled school year.
  • Family Handbook

  • Lunch Bunch

    Lunch Bunch is a program that is between sessions (11AM-12PM). Both AM and PM session children may participate. 3 Day Program - $675/year or 5 Day Program $1,125/year
  • Student Directory

    CECC publishes a school year student directory to be distributed only to students/families of CECC. The directory's purpose is to provide an easy reference to CECC families for arranging play-dates, mailing invitations/thank you cards, etc.
  • Preschool/Daycare Experience

    Please complete if your child attended a public or private preschool, nursery school, licensed daycare center, or home daycare.